This Nigerian-American Designer’s Swimwear Line Is EVERYTHING

Listen, when I saw these images floating around the internets, I had to track down the designer.

According to My Music Grind:
Buki Ade is a Nigerian-American designer and entrepreneur dominating the swimwear industry through her culturally inclusive designs — Bfyne. Buki gained inspiration to start her line while on vacation searching for a unique swimsuit; there she realized the industry lacked creativity and representation of African designers.”

Buki Ade’s swimwear can be seen in Vogue, Glamour, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Oh, and you can actually buy these pieces! Shop the store HERE.

For more information visit HERE and HERE.

BFYNE® Swimwear

BFYNE® Swimwear

BFYNE® Swimwear BFYNE® Swimwear


BFYNE® Swimwear BFYNE® Swimwear

BFYNE® Swimwear

BFYNE® Swimwear

Black Girl magic all up and through these designs! Am I right?! Follow BFYNE® Swimwear on Instagram HERE.

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    1. Timothy. My name is Lisa and this is my blog (HENCE THE URL LISAALAMODE). I am not the designer. I really hope you READ the article, click on the website belonging to this designer that is in this article, and contact the designer. I am a writer. This is my blog. SHEESH! #READPEOPLEREAD

    1. why would I have modeling opportunities? Did you even read this post? I’m a blogger. I share information.

  1. Lisa, after checking out the comments section of your Blog i can safely say folks either rush to comment or cannot read at all hahaha. But your responses are also off the chain ??

    1. Here’s how you order. You ready? Take a deep breath, and then actually take 2 minutes to read this post. Line by line. There aren’t a lot of words here so it should be easy.

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