Having Confidence Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Care What People Think

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Being the face of your brand/blog means putting a lot of yourself out and into the world. As a consequence, folks sometimes assume that those of us who have chosen this profession are indestructible. I’m here to tell you: That is a lie.
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Now make no mistake, I am a fairly confident person. I say fairly because as bloggers we’re strategic about what we put out into the world. We hand-select the things we already know we’re good at and present them to you in the most flattering light possible. I’ve been into fashion since I was  a teenager, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve become somewhat of a beauty junkie. As I’ve gotten better at makeup application, hair styling, and fashion, I’ve chosen to share these things with you. The content I share is curated. It’s not the full picture, so of course it looks as thought I’m living the most confident and fabulous life. The pictures don’t show what it took to get here, or the things I still struggle with.

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What the pictures do show is that I immerse myself in the things I love, and I work really hard at being better at those things every single day.  I wear concealer to cover up my hyper-pigmentation,  highlighter to bring out my banging cheekbones, and bright lipstick because I think it flatters my dark skin. I also wear clothes that accentuate my shape, like the Crafted By Lee Curvy Fit Indigo Skinny Jeans you see featured in this post. Trust me, I’m not confident if I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, so these jeans will be on heavy rotation for the foreseeable future. They’re available at Target and legit feel like my $100 jeans. Super soft, and stylish. Snag em HERE. In short? If it feels good, do it. Do it a lot. Wear the sexy jeans. Slap on that lipstick. Do you.

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People often believe, however,  that being confident or fairly confident (as it is in my case), means that I don’t care what other people think of me. And it’s simply not true. Confidence, for me, means being okay with being okay with who I am at the core. I’m not perfect. I sometimes care about things I shouldn’t. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I need braces. My fingernails are never manicured and it’s kind of embarrassing. I get upset, I get cranky, and sometimes I can match my 3 year-old in the temper tantrum department. Get my point?

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But here’s what I know to be true: I’m loyal. I’m trustworthy. I am honest. When I am your friend, I am always your friend. I sleep easy at night knowing that at the core I’m a good person. And that is what gives me confidence. Do I behave badly sometimes? Sure. Do I care what other people think? Sure I do. Some days more than others, but sure. Does this caring prevent me from being myself and living my life as I see fit? No.

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Being confident is really about self-acceptance. Accepting that who and where you are in life is okay. Even the parts you struggle with and the parts wish you could change. As long as you’re okay with being okay, the rest falls into place.

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  1. Beautiful! You just stated everything I feel in a nut shell and thanks for letting others know as well as me that being confident is not bad, but good to those that see and accept the positiveness of being confident. I do not believe anyone is confident in every area of their life but I also say you don’t have to hide the areas you are confident in:)!

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