“I Did Not Wake Up Like This” 44 Year-Old Tracee Ellis Ross SERVES On the Cover of Health Magazine

In an interview with Health Magazine, Tracee Ellis Ross dishes on loving her body and how she keeps her beautiful curves in tact.  Ross, star of ABC’S Blackish, is no stranger to Hollywood. She’s also well known for her role, as Joan on Girlfriends, as well as being the daughter of the great Dianna Ross. Aside from her career as an actress, Tracee, we can see doesn’t play when it comes to keeping that bod in shape.


I didn’t wake up like this. At 22, I woke up like that. At 44, I work really hard for this”

Photo: James White Tracee’s wearing: Out From Under Bodysuit (Purchase it HERE)

Tracee admits that she has learned to love her body throughout the years.

I love my butt in a way I didn’t growing up. I really didn’t like it growing up. It was so much bigger than everyone else’s, and I wanted jeans to look the way they did on everyone else, and mine didn’t. I’ve been—to a certain extent—at odds with my body for many years, wanting it to be something other than it was, wanting myself to be something other than I was. Then, in my 30s, I started to get comfortable with the largeness of my personality. The same thing with my butt. I tried getting really, really skinny, and I learned that no matter how thing I got, I was still gonna have a butt.

Today, Tracee is loving her booty, glowing skin and every beautiful curve. She showcases her magnificent body in Health Magazine’s April Edition in gorgeous photos wearing colorful spandex and curve hugging workout attire.

Photo: James White
Photo: James White

Tracee secrets to keeping her body tight and booty lifted include: speaking nice to her body, working her ass off at the gym, moisturizing her skin, not starving herself and drinking water. Tracee encourages women to love their bodies in the moment-

love the body you got now, because in 10 years, you’re gonna be wishing that you had it.”


I think we’d all love to have a Tracee Ellis Ross body at the age of 44, right?!

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