Why Lie? Tyrese Tries to Reinvent The Notion of a “Black Queen” and His “Black Queen” Ain’t Even Here For It

First of all, we don’t even care who Tyrese married. He kept it a secret and when he revealed his secret Valentine’s Day wedding to Samantha Lee Schwalenberg, we were all cool. If you like it we love. Congrats.


Things got a little bit weird, however, when he hashtagged his picture with “Black Queen.” See for yourself:


Samanatha totally looks like she has black DNA. She also looks like she probably gets the “what are you?” question fairly regularly, but to call her his “Black Queen” was a little bit of a stretch. Tyrese isn’t new, and he knows good and God damn well that when folks use the expression “Black Queen,” it’s reserved for women who exhibit more Subsaharan African features, and we all know what the type looks like. For instance:


His use of the expression to refer to his lovely wife, no matter her race, clearly speaks to his own insecurity. Also, was anyone surprised that Tyrese married a woman who looks like Samantha? Clearly Tyrese feels some kind of way about it, but we aren’t tripping. Most of us wrote him off years ago, anyway.



Tyrese removed the statements referencing Samantha as his “black queen” on social media after twitter went HAM.


2017 03 08


Tyrese then went on the defensive and gave an interview to TMZ wherein he confirmed his wife’s Equadorian, African American, and Jamaican heritage. He loved the article, posting on IG that “Finally, TMZ got it right.”

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 at 5.49.12 PM

Meanwhile, Samantha wasn’t here for the article. She clearly loves her family, and didn’t appreciate that article neglected to mention her very white dad.

Samantha Schwalenberg 2

Yeah, Samantha is not about the black queen life. Samantha’s mother’s heritage includes Jamaican, African American and Ecuadorian and her father is Caucasian. Samantha identifies herself as Latin American and not African American or Black.

Samantha and Her Dad
Samantha with her Mom and Brother
Samantha with her brothers

In short, get over it, Tyrese. You’re wife is lovely, and nobody cares what race she is. #stoplyingaboutstupidstuff

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    1. He need to call her Latina Queen not Black Queen. As black as he is it’s best he get light skinned to even out their baby’s complexion.

      1. What an ignorant comment. You sir get “donkey of the day”. By even out you mean essentially “whitening” and how so is this better for the baby? It’s that kind of thinking that stagnates our race in the first place.

    2. Tyrese is way too self absorbed and arrogant! Why does he feel the need to express to everyone about her money and education. His insecurities are very evident. It’s always the men that sing about black queens but refuse to marry one. There are so many natural, educated black queens. Tyrese you had plenty of options. You choose someone who looks far from being black. Stop trying to stay relevant by talking about black women. I’m over you tyrese.

  1. How is that a lie? She can choose to refer to herself as Latin if she chooses. She is black as well. He can refer to her as such. People are judgemental and angry, why? Let them be whatever they choose. One comment said we wrote him off long ago. I write no one off because of their views or choices. That’s not our work.

      1. It is a lie almost all people are mixed and Im tired of tnid argument I think I have like 8% white in me and I am Tyrese color can I identify as wbite? The one drop rule is a farce actially used to keep elevating white standards of beauty…

  2. I’m at a lost he’s always talking about he’s looking for a black queen and how he’s only looking for black queen then this little do he no he just lost a lot of fans because of how he was talking then his just keep it real don’t have to talk like that for ur black queen then turn around and do the opposite don’t understand

  3. I am very happy for tyrese and his wife. Congratulations to mr.and mrs. Tyrese on there married. I am a big fan of. Tyrese and i wish them well.may there future and life be blessed. Stay humble and true. Love your biggest fan A.E.

  4. Love is love.. Know that Black and Latino People are of different hues.. from damn near White to Blue Black.. its ALL BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. remember, the more melanin one has promotes better health…please stop letting white America blind you to that fact

  6. He didn’t have a problem with it when we were supporting his career. He has been in several movies with black and white women wearing weaves, eyelashes, and etc. NO complaints then. SMDH, now there is a problem with it. SPARE ME. THERE are a lot of married successful women who have successful husband that wear weave, wigs. Beyonce for one!
    But you wearing makeup and hairspray to make ur hair look darker and fuller.

  7. Dumb azz black men… she’s going to show her true colors (those European roots) one day! Just wait on it Tyrese! Yeah, right, “Shame on You”!

  8. Sounds to me like you bitches are jealous. Yes, I call you a bitch. Look at yourselves, digging up the woman’s background, picking at every little thing you can find. Ladies, there is a man for every woman. Stop hating because you will miss your calling. Bitch!

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