Watch This Girl Tearfully Confront Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend [Video]

This video is being shared by The Scene‘s facebook page. Their bio states they create video, “for women who get it.” The caption for the  video you are about to see reads:

” What happens when two exes confront each other about cheating?”

What we see instead, however,  is anything but two exes confronting each other. Instead, we see a broken girl, finally getting the truth from her seemingly sociopathic, cheating ex-boyfriend.

This video is troubling for a a variety of reasons. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to know where to begin. My biggest concern is for girls who may watch this video and feel as though the this kind of dynamic is normal. That a man lying to you, not caring about you, cheating on you, is normal.

There is nothing normal about this boy’s behavior.  In fact, I’d be scared to leave him with any of my pets. He clearly is gratified by the suffering of the weak and defenseless. I truly hope this lovely girl seeks professional help so that she can gain insight into why she was incapable of seeing this boy for who and what he is.



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  1. OMG ! My soul hurts for her. Ladies know your worth!! Love you first so you know what Real love is. Don’t ever let another person define you. You are a goddess!! A queen!!

  2. This young man is not only NOT a sociopath, he was extremely compassionate towards her.
    She lost him when she began going through his things, instead of doing what she still barely had the courage to do and that was to face him.
    His best moment was when he asked, “Why didn’t you leave?”
    She is full of self-hate and loathing. She wanted him. She thought she had him. Her mistake was wanting to be his best friend. Had her concentration been on being his eomen, the outcome would have been different. A woman woukd have left. Obviously, he would have respected her more had she done so. Instead, she’s playing the victim like so many women do. Foolishly thinking because they love a man and is good to him; he should love her back.
    She needs to grow up and forgive herself for being a throw rug and having no personal integrity.

    1. I beg to differ. It didn’t have to do with his phone. Bcuz I’m sure if you love someone and your feelings are into him. And you feel something wrong you’re going to investigate. Not only that he was being greedy bcuz he wanted his cake and eat it to. And you can’t have both if it’s early enough for her to see you don’t love her. Than taking her choice away by saying I’m not going to do it again. And then continue the nonsense anyway. I’m sure had she not vested so much time. She probably would have left. See he told on himself by saying he wasn’t ready to commit. He was just being selfish. And he doesn’t really want to see what she grows into bcuz he may not like the beautiful outcome he sees before him.

      1. he is concieted how can he ask her why didnt she leave he should have left her because he knew he wasnt ready to commit why lie to her

    2. No she lost him when he started messing with other women while he was with her! How do you turn around him doing something wrong to it being her fault? And she never said she was trying to be his best friend. He’s the one that brought up her being his best friend first. Smh

    3. Are you stupid? she loved him that’s why she stayed so long. When you love someone you want to give them multiple chances even if you feel like they’ll never change. I hope you never get in a relationship.

    4. Your an idiot lol, she even said she didn’t like him to begin with. He also said she did nothing wrong. They were a couple and he was a douche bag and if you can see that and this she was in the wrong. Well my friend you need help!

      1. she only said she didn’t like him at first not “she didn’t like him to begin with” like you said this is English those two statements clearly mean different things. by the way not liking someone at first doesn’t meant you can’t love them down the line cos love grows and charm works too. stop being rude to people telling them they need help, you need to develop a level of IQ

    5. I agree 100% with this and I am a woman that dealt with my husband cheating on me. After many years of growth and maturity, I realized my ex wasn’t a bad man, he just wasn’t ready…We were not ready. I don’t think Leonard was a sociopath…I think he stayed with her to avoid hurting her and that was his foolish immature reasoning. She stayed because she assumed he would change…that was her immature reasoning. THEY were not ready.

  3. It is for a good reason that Maya Angelou said ‘when some shows you who they are the first time believe them’. This beautiful young woman should have walked away when she saw evidence that he was unfaithful the first time. It would have saved her all of the ensuing heartache. But for me this story reveals more about her state of mind than his. Emotionally and psychologically something appears to be wrong. I think she needs a specific sort of counselling to ensure that she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. As for the young man, he also needs to have his behaviour dealt with.

  4. No we can’t be friends after all that. I forgave you but, I’ll cut all ties. Frienship is an emotional disaster waiting to happen.

  5. I appreciate this young man’s honesty. However, I pray the both get counseling As for the young lady I pray they both get counseling. The young man need to know that his behavior is unhealthy and can be deadly. As for the young lady, she needs to gain self-esteem otherwise, she will eventually marry someone like this.

  6. I don’t know if she is “playing the victim”. I believe she felt she was in love and whatever love was to her at that time, she is young. We will constantly and repeatedly be disappointed when we assume ppl will treat us how we treat them. The young man or player said all the things he believed he was supposed to but with very little heart or conviction. He knows what she would like to hear and more mechanical and expected. Him saying some drivel about hopes to watch her grown into the woman she can be and is becoming..? Wtf? he ain’t her daddy and he doesn’t need to be “watching” her he needs to move on because she is tender hearted and will or would be back with him again if he plays it right. He knows what to say to appease and get himself off the hook for being seen as a cold uncaring person if he says the right things but again doubt he feels any regret for his actions. Yes she need to seek help and be better able to see ppl for who they really are she seems kind and wish her the best in the future. He on the other hand has some growing to do and what goes around comes around. Him questioning her why didn’t she leave when she discovered his side chicks going through his cell. I think he knew she would eventually catch him and Hoped or thought for sure she would leave saving him the dirty work….easy out and not man up and say not on same page or whatever and end it before stepping out. He got some growing to do. I can only hope or assume ppl like that will have someone flip the script and hope he understands and learns a lesson so he to can grow to become a good man.

  7. or he could have just stopped cheating. period. he wasn’t a good man to her but as a grown man he should told her he didn’t want her. period.

  8. Why didn’t he leave? He knew he couldn’t commit to her, he should have left, but he used her. It was sad to see her put her head down. He should have had his head down, ashamed of his conduct, but he wasn’t. Kourtney, hold your head up, you are not a liar or a cheater, you are a good woman, too good for him. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP!!

  9. The guy is not a sociopath. He was stupid for the decision that he made. Relationships are 100-100. Not 50-50. He wasn’t committed in the relationship like his girlfriend. She stopped trusting him but, she still was wanting to make it work. Love, lust or infatuation can blind us from seeing the truth sometimes. In the end, they were able to confront each other and forgive and move on. I hope she finds someone who deserves her love and I hope her ex can learn from his mistakes and become a better person for himself and others.

  10. Wow! It took that long to leave this scum bag? Why is she even still communicating with him? She is a sweet girl. She has courage to put her personal business out there. However this is something that most of us can relate to. It doesn’t matter how many times he cheated, once he cheats he will do it again.
    He took advantage of her kindness. She was weak and gullible. These hoes will ruin your relationship sleeping with your man, even while you’re home. Nobody wins in this situation. He could have given her STD’s. This is so wrong what he did to her. Why would a best friend hurt you over and over again. He is not a best friend. He is an abuser and a user who can’t keep his thing in his pants.

  11. I totally understand her pain, but this young man is growing up. He and she are way to youmg for committment. I hurt for him being a liar, but I hurt for her not understanding that giving herself to soon in life will continue with this kind of pain. #iamher

  12. And this bullshit is posta be closure…. Mufka please, look at that smerk he has. He’s not sorry… He finds her tears funny… Like really? He cheated cause he’s a dog. And he has her heart and he knows it…. He’ll forever have control over her long as she allows him to remain in her life. Fuck being his friend. He lost that right when he chose not to stop cheating… He’s a freaking thot thot thot. Cut his bumb ass off ALL together! Can’t be friends wit someone who broke ur heart repeatedly!

  13. Some would say he is insensitive, inconsiderate and cocky. Maybe do. However, I saw a guy still growing, admitting his wrongs and apologizing for same. His question about why she didn’t leave is a good one. I have been asked that same question also but I didn’t understand until years later. He knew he would never commit to her cause that’s not where he is in life but he didn’t know how to leave cause he didn’t want to hurt her. But I’m pretty sure he was hoping she would be tired and leave him so he wouldn’t have to do the dirty work. No one wants to be the bad guy. She is growing as well, although she realizes it now he is no good for her, she still speaks with hope in her words and her heart. If she thought he would change, she would take him back in a second. But she knows now that he won’t and his confirmation of same releases her from that hope. I honestly respect him for saying I’m not who you need; you deserve better (in a round about way). Was he too late absolutely. Was he wrong, definitely!! However, you can only do to a person what they allow them to do. This is growth for the both of them!!

  14. It’s always very interesting to see the reactions of others! Here is yet another opinion. One, I think it is disgusting when people blame the victim. Clearly, he cheated on her and he admits he was in the wrong! Furthermore, it’s truly sad for someone who clearly has never known or felt love to comment on feelings! It’s easy to sit in judgment when it’s not your love. Which is apparent by some of these responses! However, I think attacks on either of these kids is just ignorance! There are things they both could have done differently! Sure she could have left after he cheated the first time and sure he could have broken up with her if he wasn’t ready to commit! These are the lessons that young people learn! What you witnessed was something that happens so very often! He had clearly moved on and she had not! He handled it badly and she could not handle it! You can’t make the heart feel what it doesn’t and you can’t make the heart not feel what it does!

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