5 Skincare Products You Need In Your Collection RIGHT Now

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Let me tell you how I am getting my skincare game ALL the way together this winter.

When I think about self-care, I immediately think of skincare. Why? Because taking care of my skin gives me all kinds of pleasure. I know I write and review a lot of hair and makeup products, but skincare is legit my favorite thing in the world. When my skin is glowy and soft, I know all is right in the world.  So let’s just jump right into it:


Dove Advanced Care Deodorant 

5 must have skincare products4

Ladies, Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is bae. For real. Not only does it glide on hella smooth, it lasts for 48-hours (but between us girls, I want you to shower daily and reapply, if you can). Real talk, it’s almost like putting on a lotion as a deodorant. It’s not all chalky and clumpy, and it smells so so good. There really isn’t a deodorant that treats your skin (including your armpits) as nicely as this does.


Here are a couple of  reviews that made me want to give Dove Advanced Care Deodorant a try:

  • “Not only did the scent last, the wetness protection did, too. This deodorant also has great moisturizing ability. I honestly think my underarm skin looks healthier after using it!” – Gaylasp
  • “Love how Dove goes on smooth and doesn’t irritate the skin. Smells wonderful and works continuously throughout the day!” – melloddie

Oil Cleanser, Vitamin C Scrub, and a Face Brush


My next three must-haves all relate to facial care.

You have GOT to get your hands on an oil cleanser. There are so so many to choose from, even from your drugstore. In fact, I’d caution you against getting any of the higher priced ones. You can find them for under $15 and they are amazing at taking off your makeup and cleansing your skin. I use an oil cleanser alone in the morning, and in the evenings I use it as a part of my three step-cleansing routine

To really get my face all glowy and soft, I rely on both my silicone face brush and an exfoliating scrub. Find an exfoliating scrub that includes Vitamin-C as vitamin c is great for helping to even out the skin tone. A face brush is also a must. Face brushes are great at deep cleaning, and minimizing the appearance of pores.

A Cleansing Body Cream


You NEED  to swap out your traditional soaps for a cleansing body cream. Let me tell you, once I made the switch, my skin has never been the same.

That’s it, folks! Head over to your local pharmacy and grab the following:

  • Dove advance care deodorant
  • an oil cleanser
  • an exfoliating scrub
  • a face brush
  • and a cream-based body cleanser
What are your skincare must-haves? Sound off below!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Dove is best for beauty and glowing skin.This is best for everyone and i will suggest to everyone for using Dove Cream. Thanks for sharing.

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