The Emancipation of Tiny: 3 Things That Make Mrs.Harris’ Recent Split LYFE!

Unless you’ve been under a rock, gossip sites EVERYWHERE have been threatening to bust wide open with news of the recent (and in my opinion overdue) split between rapper T.I. and his Ride or Die Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

News of their split broke earlier this week, with most reports stating that Tiny herself filed for divorce from T.I. after being,

tired of T.I. taking her for granted and of being an afterthought.”

Though many might feel some kind of way about the split and are on the side of “it’s about time girl,” I’m actually quite excited for Tiny’s newfound singledom and look forward to what 2017 holds for the mother of 5!

1. Tiny won’t be hurting for cointage. 

dish 050114 tameka harris kandi burruss xscape

Unlike many women who take on the role of baby mama, wife, or bed warmer to a hip hop artist, Tiny was and is an artist in her own right. As a vocalist in the multi plaitinum singing group Xscape, and has even gotten success as a solo artist back in 2014.Though I’m sure that alimony from T.I. will be nothing to turn up your nose to, T.I. can never fix his mouth to say that Tiny needed him then, or needs him now.

2. She’s a star in her own right. 

Just in case you need reminding, feast your eyes on Tiny in ALL her 41-year old glory on the cover of the holiday issue of Krave magazine.


screen shot 2016 12 25 at 8 30 16 am

screen shot 2016 12 25 at 8 32 07 am

screen shot 2016 12 25 at 8 55 07 am

She’s not a has been, and is still very relevant without her husband’s name. Tiny IS her own brand. She still maintains her own identity and can be proud of the woman she’s become. Her kids can be proud of her, too!

3. She won’t be alone for long.

From what’s been circulating on  the ‘gram and stuff, Tiny has been entertaining the likes of one of T.I.’s biggest foes, Floyd Mayweather.

Tiny Harris Floyd Mayweather Halloween


Though she deserves the 2016 Petty Award for the pictures that have since circulated of the two dancing a lil too close at Mariah Carey’s holiday party, it sends a clear message to her husband that what he ain’t appreciating, someone else will. #Cottlecakes for the win!

Though she’s no saint, anybody with eyes can see that she has been the type of wife to T.I. that arguably he didn’t deserve. Good for her for finally coming to a decision to get more for herself.

We ain’t mad at ya Tiny!

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