#BLACKGIRLMAGIC: This Black Beauty Vlogger Just Hit A Million Subscribers On Youtube

Jackie Aina is not the first black beauty vlogger to reach 1 million subscribers. As I reported last year in this post HERE, there are several others. However, as it was pointed out in the comment section of that post, all of those women were what one might call racially ambiguous. Jackie Aina is not.

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The LA-Based Nigerian beauty began pursuing makeup professionally over 9 years ago, and in the last few years has devoted herself entirely to perfecting her craft not only as a makeup artist, but also as a content creator.

I’ve been watching her videos since she was affectionately known as Lil Pumpkin, and seeing her grow to  become the major influencer she is today just makes my heart sing.

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With deep brown skin and 4c textured-hair, Aina’s ability to reach 1 million subscriber status says a lot about her willingness to persevere despite the rampant colorism that exists on the Youtube.

While there are countless black women who create amazing content on youtube, only a handful receive the accolades and the brand sponsorships, and of those few, an even smaller number get to say they are where Jackie is.


Jackie’s win is just the inspiration many a budding black youtube vlogger needs to push through.

Catch up with Jackie’s videos HERE.

*Update* Youtube has is not yet updated her count to show the one million subscribers, but they are there as evidenced by this photo. I suspect the count will be updated shortly.*

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  1. I love me some Jackie Aina!!! I am addicted to her YouTube channel and I’m very proud how she represents black women and our Melanin???

  2. I love Jackie’s content. She is Real and not ashamed of the gospel. Keep soaring Jackie for the best is yet to come.

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