Tami Roman Regrets Getting The Butt Injections She Got For Her Boo

Reality TV star, Tami Roman,  recently shared on an episode of The Doctors that she regrets getting butt injections.  Check it out here:

I can appreciate Tami’s candor, but her appearance seemed a lot like a comedic sketch to me.  She was obviously armed with her script and a couple one-liners.  But despite her making light of the situation I can definitely appreciate her honesty.

She has said before that she first got the butt injections to impress her boo thang, Reggie Youngblood, who is 17 years younger than her. I have heard him say time and time again on television that he loves her no matter what, but I guess she still felt insecure about her body compared to women his age. You can listen to her talk about those insecurities at about the 1 minute mark here:

And it seems her insecurity about her age and not being able to give him EVERYTHING he wants (i.e. a baby) led her down the road of self mutilation/butt injections.

And now that she has a bigger booty, she wishes it were smaller.

It’s the whole fake booty thing. Like, I got the booty injections. You know, and I hate it… I thought I was plumping it. Now I just want to dump it.

It seems that as she loses weight, her booty stays big.  Now this wouldn’t be a problem for me, but for her it’s an issue.  And she wants to get rid of it!

Screen Shot 2016 12 23 at 10.35.04 AM

K. Michelle made headlines last year when she had some of her enormous butt injections removed. So we know it is possible to get some of the fat taken out.

But it’s a shame Tami had to go through this in the first place.  Squats, cornbread and collard greens can give you the same results as butt injections and they are much, much cheaper!

What do you think?

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