Meet The Stunning Amputee Who Is Challenging Traditional Beauty Standards

Caxmee, 26, is a Brooklyn-based blogger who, by merely being herself, shows us the power in loving yourself fully. She writes:

I haven’t been too content about the mainstream imagery of beauty. I’ve made it my personal mission to infiltrate the “beauty industry”- Walking  down the street with crutches and a prosthetic leg, people often shout “you go girl! you’re still beautiful” STILL?…. I AM beautiful and I’m here to show you how beautiful I am inside and out.


Caxmee’s right leg was amputated in 2005 after she was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer. She was given only three weeks to live, but miraculously beat the odds.  Today, she shares her fashion and world traveling on her blog, serves as muse for headwrap designer famndjam, and works as an an ambassador for Alleles Design Studio. Alleles makes affordable and fashion-forward prosthetic leg covers for men and women.

Photo credit: Nikola Tamindzic
Photo credit: Nikola Tamindzic
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Credit: Leila Volmar
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Credit: Leighton Pope
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Photo credit: Nikola Tamindzic
Credit: Islandboy Photography


For more of “Mama Caxx,” as she’s called on her blog, follow her on Instagram


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      1. I agree with Carol, both you ladies truly do rock! Thanks for providing this encouraging story Lisa!! I love your blog?? and I especially enjoyed reading “I AM beautiful and I’m here to show you how beautiful I am inside and out.”

  1. Hello Lisa I’m Ashanti I’ve been inspired to start my own blog unfortunately I do not have my own website but I am in the kids of making it I am too a cancer survivor of lung and bone cancer and wear a prosthetic ! Your style and prosthesis designs have really made a impact on me and I am interested in getting to know how can I get one of your coverings on my prosthetic I am 16 years old btw and have conquered slot maybe u can be my mentor or something I’m from LA California and don’t have any friends that are cancer survivors or are amputees which sucks .. my blog targets beauty close to home since I live in the ghetto of LA I want to promote the best of my inner city . I also target individuality be YOU And be BOLD if you’re interested in my blog you can follow me on Google+ Snoot.bloved xx thank you for staying true to yourself and loving who you are before and after cancer you have really inspired me follow me on instagram also @ snoot.bloved !

    1. Hi Ashanti. I think you’re confused. read the article again, if you can. I am a writer and I wrote this article about the woman featured. Her name is Caxmee. You should contact her directly. I have a link to her Instagram account at the bottom of the post. hopefully she has contact information there you can use to reach out. And congrats on your blog! Best luck to you.

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