Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit: Worth it or Nah? Review+Swatches on Dark Skin

The much anticipated Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow kit hit the stores last week, and beauty lovers like yours truly couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.  The palette retails for $45 and can be purchased HERE.

If you’re new to glow kits or makeup in general, the Anastasia Glow Kits are insanely popular palettes in the makeup community. The palettes feature highlighters, which, when brushed against the tops of the cheeks or wherever the sun naturally hits your face, give off an in immense glow. For example, in the picture below I’m wearing “moonstone” which is a color in the Sun-Dipped Glow Kit:


Needless to say, when Anastasia announced she’d be releasing an Ultimate Glow Kit I knew I had to have it. I’m a big fan of her other kits so I just knew this one wouldn’t disappoint.

My Review

The Ultimate Glow Kit features the 6 colors below, most of which I found to be very well pigmented.



My least favorite color was snow, mainly because those frosty colors simply don’t translate well on my dark skin, and it contained the most sparkle with the least pigment of all the colors.

Reviews of this palette have been more negative than positive. Many have complained about fallout, and chunky glitter. I will agree that there is a considerable amount of fall out in the pan, but not so much on my skin.

Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit “Golden Dawn”

As for the sparkle factor, I also agree. This kit has far more sparkle than her previous palettes, so it’s not one I would necessarily recommend for everyday wear. Would I wear it everyday? You better believe it. I love to glow, honey! But the average woman likes a more subtle glow, so this palette lends itself towards being more of an evening or holiday palette.

best brush to apply highlighters

It’s also best applied with the Anastasia A23 brush or a brush like it. Your finger will work, too. Fan brushes, however, don’t pick up the pigment and will leave you with a dust of glitter as opposed to the vibrant colors found in the pan.

Overall I’d give this palette a B. I love it, but it’s simply not as versatile as her other palettes. It’ll be staple of mine over the holiday season, but I don’t know how much use I’ll have for it beyond that.

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