Is There a Difference? Are We Still Punishing Women’s Bodies?

I’m not perfect. In the article I wrote a few days ago I voiced that I did not feel that Patrice “Tricey” Brown‘s workplace ensembles were appropriate for school.   But to be honest, it wasn’t fair of me to cast aspersions on this woman. While I believe in dressing for the occasion, it’s not my place to tell someone where and when they should dress. It’s really none of my business. While my post is still up, I removed my opinions from the post. I simply didn’t feel right about it.

That being said,  one of my followers brought up Irvin Randle and how he’s being celebrated for wearing skintight pants to work, but isn’t receiving the kind of backlash Brown has received. And I have to agree. Take a look and you tell me, is there a difference?

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  1. I say leave these folks alone. It makes people uncomfortable for their reasons. Are they good teachers? Are they effective teachers? These teachers are clothed and happy to teach our children.

  2. I think she looks beautiful. The young boys and their dads might be “bothered”. Wished my bid looked like that.

  3. I really don’t see the big fuss on how she dress she us looking great.. now a days some people lover to discriminate people who look better than them and they do it in the most disrespectful way…… what they need to is have some selfesteem and have sense of self- confidence and stop hating on people!! ( stop bad mind) . If she was not dressing properly for scool then talk the talk, the one who talk bad about her go find something to and stop making people have negative thoughts about people. Haters!!

  4. I don’t see the big fuss with the way she is dressed. I have seen many teachers dressed like this. This commotion with this woman’s clothing is still a big issue on how society is trying to control what a woman should or shouldn’t do with her body.

  5. Is it her outfit or the curves I bet it was the female teachers that complained about how she is dressing because she is a beautiful young black woman put those same clothes on a woman who has less curves and no problem as soon as a beauiful curvy woman steps n the room she is a whore or a slut people need to calm down and use their negative energy doing positive stuff like teaching the children instead of complaining about what a teacher wears I bet the kids love her

  6. My husband and I had to agree to disagree on this. He maintains the man is dressed professionally while the woman was not. I said, “well what makes the woman’s look unprofessional?” His answer was that her clothes were too tight. I responded by pointing to the man’s outfits, “he’s covered from the neck down in tight clothing but you’re calling this professional.” He nodded. I scrolled down to the woman’s pictures and said, “She’s covered from the neck down in tight clothing and you’re calling it unprofessional.” He answered, “he’s wearing dress pants and a dress shirt.” I replied, “she’s wearing dresses.” I added, “you do realize the only difference in both sentences is the ‘s’ in the front.” He chuckled and said, “you just don’t get it.”

    I concluded that part of the conversation with “It looks and sounds to me that the ‘covered from the neck down in tight clothes’ look should either be considered universally professional or unprofessional regardless of gender.”

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