How to Slay All Day Every Day And Be Happy In the Skin You Are In

As I’ve gotten older I’ve relaxed about pretty  much everything as it pertains to my life aspirations. This is not to say I’m not driven or goal-oriented (because I am), but just that I’ve gotten to the place where I’ve decided to let go of angst, stress and worry.


This perspective has allowed me to be more optimistic about what’s ahead. I’m just happy to be here, y’all!  I’m happy to see myself where I am today as opposed to where I began (you can read more about my journey by clicking HERE). We all say life is short, we say it, but when you truly believe it, it makes life all the more worth living.


This is not to say that I’m living some carefree, the devil may care kind of life, because I’m not, but I am the happiest I’ve been in a looooooong time. Here’s why.

  • I’ve accepted my flaws. I know people always say, “embrace your flaws.” It sound so cliche, but once you’re like “eff it, I’ve got corns on my feet and I’m still rocking sandals,” you’ll start to realize that the world does not come to  and end if you aren’t perfect. When I was a teenager I used to slather my legs in Dermablend foundation because it covered up my ezcema scars. Like, I would literally spend an hour priming, applying foundation, and mattifying my legs. Otherwise, I wouldn’t wear shorts or go to the beach. #crazy BLACK-FASHION-BLOGGER-OVER-306
  • I’ve accepted that I am not a sooth-sayer. I do not know the future. I do not know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. So while today I may be in an acute state of panic about one thing or another, that panic-inducing thing could very well be a distant memory by tomorrow. Literally.
  • I know Money isn’t everything. Another cliche, but true indeed.
  • I’ve forgiven people. First of all, my memory isn’t what it once was so I mostly can’t remember why I’m mad at folks. So why stay mad? It doesn’t serve me in the least.BLACK-FASHION-BLOGGER-OVER-301
  • I’ve stopped caring about what other people have. Life is a journey and it has seasons. Nothing stays the same and NO ONE has everything. Be happy with what you’ve got.
  • I count my blessings. Everyday. My son is the best thing ever. He really is. He cracks me up every day and I feel like I won the lotto by getting to be his Mom. That being said, I know the fragility of life, so being able to wake up to his stinky breath and baby feet is all I’ll ever need in this world. yellow-crochet-top-outfit
  • I’m walking in my purpose. I use “walking” and not “living,” because I’m not there yet. I own that, and I love that the choices I’ve made allow me to be candid about not knowing all the answers or having things figured out.  yellow-outfit

  • I’m okay with the unknown.

  • Silence is golden. All you need is 5-10 minutes a day of complete silence to center yourself. Do it, and watch what happens.


Those of you who have been following this blog since it’s inception have no doubt noticed many changes in both my appearance and content. This post was really my way of explaining the energy I may have been giving off aso of late.

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