How To Rock Short Shorts With Style

How To Rock Short Shorts

Believe it not, I can be pretty modest. I love crop tops, and I like short shorts, but showing excessive skin isn’t my style. Maybe it’s because I was raised in a pretty conservative Haitian household and it just stuck. I’m not sure why, butI do know that when I rock short shorts, I almost always do so with a more conservative top.

black blogger shorts outfit

How to Rock Short Shorts

 As I’ve mentioned before, weather in the Northeast can be fickle. In fact, this look was photographed in mid-May, but it was only about 60 degrees outside. So in this instance, my sweater was for practical reasons as well for coverage.

black blogger shorts outfit

Here’s the thing though, I’m over 30, but I also really like a lot of the fashion created for younger women and girls. I can walk into a WetSeal or CharlotteRusse, and find tons of cute pieces. But I don’t think I style myself the way a an 18 year old girl might. I take pieces designed for younger girls, and I mature them by pairing them with more age-appropriate and conservative items.

Shorts: Forever 21. Shoes: Forever 21. Clutch: Love, Cortnie. Glasses: H&M. Necklace: Tamilore_UK.

I’m also pretty big on high waist shorts because you won’t ever run into the issue of your crack showing to the world.


I’m obsessed with these shoes. I featured them in this video and they are still for sale at Forever 21. Buy Yours HERE.

I also want to shout out Tamilore UK for sending me this necklace. It’s a must for my summer wardrobe:



 How do you rock short shorts?

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  1. Look at those legs girl! I love this look on you and with legss like that you gotta show them off. I totally appreciate the balance of the sweater, too. Super cute!

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