What to Wear with Red Heels

What to Wear with Red Heels

Do you ever feel like you’re moving a mile a minute? This time last week I was packing a bag for a 4-day trip to NYC for a New York Fashion Week fashion show. And this week, I’m still totally feeling the effects. When I got back home I took a look in the mirror and said to myself, “Slow down, Lisa.” Which is precisely what I’ve been doing.


I sometimes wonder how I lived in New York City for 8 years.  I guess the short answer is that I was young! Now as a grown-up and a mom, I prefer so much the tranquil life I now lead in the burbs. When I look outside of my window these days I am surrounded by trees, and green, an dirt and it makes me feel so grounded and safe.  Does that make sense? When I’m away from it I feel a bit vulnerable, which is why I think I so cherish my peaceful moments.

This week I am back and I’m taking it really really slowly. The Texture on the Runway fashion show in New York was a great time, and I got to meet a lot my fellow bloggers. But now I’m relishing in the quiet and thinking about my next ventures.


I’ve had these red heels for almost 6 years now and they still look and feel great.  I take pride in still being able to wear items I wore before I had Jackson-Blaise (even my shoes!)





Which do you prefer? The fast-paced life or the quiet moments? Or both?

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