Fall Lip Colors that Look Beautiful on Black Women

Fall Lip Colors that Look Beautiful on Black Women

There exists this school of thought that black women should be restricted to specific lip colors. However, if you are even remotely familair with this blog you know by now that I don’t follow that same school of thought. Call it confidence, call it gumption, call it whatever, but when it comes to lipstick I will literally wear any color (within reason).  Don’t believe me? Check out this post HERE and HERE.


The lipsticks featured below are simply a snippet into my fall lipstick collection featuring fabulously bold fall lip colors that look beautiful on black women.  Take a look:

Stone Fox
Stone Fox
LA Splash Malovolent
LA Girl Backstage
la-girl-matte-lip-paint-Black Currant
LA Girl “Black Currant”
Colourpop Dr. M
ColourPop “Guess”
Sephora Cream Lip Stain Polished Purple
JCAT Beauty-2sizes Up

I have sooo many additional colors I could have added to this roundup, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys! For more colors, be sure to check out my post on Black Girl with Long Hair.

What’s your favorite fall lip color? Share your thoughts below!

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