What To Wear With a Hot Pink Shirt

What To Wear With a Hot Pink Shirt

When I got this hot pink shirt last month I didn’t have any idea how I would style it. I just knew I had to have it. The color is so incredibly vibrant, how could I not buy it?

The Convertible Sleeve Portofino Shirt in Pink Alert.

But then when I took it home, I was a little stumped. I spent entirely too much time trying to research what to wear with a hot pink shirt before ultimately settling on something traditional but still cute. You’ve seen me in this lace skirt here, and I thought it would work perfectly with this top.

what-to-wear-with-a-hot-pink-shirt2 (copy)
Sears Bongo Lace Midi Skirt

The necklace I’m wearing is a pretty big statement piece that I thought would give the look a little added touch of bling.

what-to-wear-with-a-hot-pink-shirt4 (copy)

Once I added my favorite leopard print pumps, I knew I had a hit.  Pink, black, and leopard is a combo that can be really trendy, but if you pair it with the right pieces you can pull off a classic ensemble that is perfect for work and afterwork drinks.

Sears Metaphor Moto Jacket

Now, let’s talk about this purse, shall we? Fringe is in honet. YES IT IS. 

what-to-wear-with-a-hot-pink-shirt7 (copy)


All in all I think I’ve pretty much mastered what to wear with a hot pink shirt. Now it’s all about trying to figure out a more casual way to rock it.

How would you wear this shirt?


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  1. You look great! My sister-friend had this shirt and I was simply in awe of its beauty, so much so that she bought me one, too. I’ve been saving it for date night, and now you’ve given me some ideas on how I can rock it!

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