How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans

I remember buying my first pair of boyfriend jeans in 2008, wearing them religiously, and then tossing them out. I was even MORE trendy then, and figured they were out of style so out they went. Fast forward to last year when my hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans began anew.

Forever 21 Cochet Patch Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing boyfriend jeans can be tricky. I don’t have a boyfriend, I have a husband, and I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like I’m actually wearing a pair of his jeans. Could you imagine?! #notcute. So when I began looking, and trust me, I did my work, I made sure to look for jeans that weren’t too baggy. If I want to do baggy, I throw on sweatpants and a hoody. Boyfriend jeans, in my opinion, are meant to be worn stylishly.  I ordered these ones on a whim from Forever21, I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived.



And let’s face it, jeans, period, aren’t the most comfortable piece of clothing in the world. You want comfort? Throw on leggings. So throw out the illusion of boyfriend jeans being comfy and chic all in one. Nope, you gotta put in some work with these. Want to know how to wear boyfriend jeans? Simple: Roll them up at the ankle, throw on some fabulous heels, and pair it with a loose fitting top, and voila, you’ve styled boyfriend jeans “effortlessly.” What do you think? I’ve also styled my boyfriend jeans with trendy sneakers and they’ve looked cute too. So heels aren’t a must.

Blue Suede Lace Ups ( Similar)



 How do you wear your boyfriend jeans? Sound off in the comments section!


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  2. Very cute! I haven’t been in Forever 21 in years, but the way you’ve styled these boyfriend jeans make me want to stop by and grab a pair.

  3. I am still quite into boyfriend jeans…not sure if they’re still on trend though. I love the way they fit when they’re not too loose. You look awesome here and I love the look of your site!

  4. I have yet to get me a pair of boyfriend jeans. They look great on everyone else but I just don’t think they would look great on me…idk!!! These fit you very nicely.

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  6. You are rocking those BF jeans. Love the classic and chic outfit, and shoes are FAB!


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