The Best Mascara: Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review

The Best Mascara: Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review

After receiving Benefit They’re Real Mascara as a Sephora VIB birthday gift last year, I told myself I would never buy the full-sized tube. And I believed myself, too. I mean, really, who pays $23 for a tube of mascara?! Well, here I am, two tubes later, and yeah, #guilty.  And here’s why:


Let me just say that I’ve pretty much used every drugstore mascara under the sun, and not one of them can do what this mascara can do. One to two coats of this stuff, and my barely-there lashes are instantly turned into the lush lashes I’ve always wanted. This is seriously the best mascara ever.


I suspect that some of Benefit They’re Real Mascara’s success can be linked to the brush. It’s pretty long, with plenty of bristles, and it’s MUCH sturdier than any drugstore mascara I’ve tried.

In addition to having a great wand, this mascara makes your lashes super black, AND it lasts all day. No clumping, either.

My only con for this mascara is that it dries out pretty quickly. Yeah, I know, bummer.

If you are going to bite the bullet, I would advice you to wait until Ulta or Sephora has a sale and stack it with a cash-back offer from Ebates. if you’re not sure how Ebates works, click here.

Please be sure to tell me about your favorite mascara in the comments section below!

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  1. Since my only makeup is mascara and lipstick, I tend to buy a lot of it. A friend was raving about this mascara so, I bought the smaller tube to try. I love it…..I just finished my second full size tube!! I agree, it dries out too quickly!

    1. I know, right? But this stuff is amazing! Now I’m hearing rave reviews about the Benefit Brow gel/mascarra…I may have to try that too.

  2. I may have to try this mascara, I’ve been faithful to L’Oreal’s voluminous for years! But may have to switch it up! Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  3. I’ve never tried that mascara myself but your post has me quite intrigued. Have you considered keeping the wand and using it with a mascara formula that is less drying? What do you think? BTW, I love your blog and I am a YT subscriber and it’s great to see a fellow Uconn alum doing amazing things!!

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