LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review

When i heard that LA Girl was coming out with new lip lacquers and that they were potential dupes for the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstiicks, I immediately ordered all six colors. And don’t act all surprised, at this point you all know how I get down.


So let’s just right into the review shall we?


  • Glossy
  • Gorgeous full coverage
  • highly pigmented
  • Superior quality
  • .4oz of product per tube
  • $4 each on LA Girl Website
  • Long Lasting


  • Needs to be more accessible in stores!
  • Strong minty scent may not be everyone’s cup of tea

Now, is it dupe for the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks?




The short answer? No. While the packaging, and the color payoff are similar, the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks provide a more creamy to matte finish, while the LA Girls Glazed Lip Paints are glossy. Due to that glossy finish, the Glazed Lip Paints do eventually slide off the lip, while the Melted Lipsticks provide a longer lasting finish.

Also, I compared the two purple shades against each other and they are worlds apart. Take a look for yourself:


Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in “Melted violet”

As you can see, they are too very difference shades of purple. I prefer the Too Faced shade as it is more pink, and more suitable for my skin tone. I find “Coy” to be too cool and “blue” for my taste.  A closer dupe, for this shade would actually be OCC Lip Tar in the color “Hoochie” featured here:


All in all, I would say the LA GIRL Glazed Lip Paints, are perhaps the most superior drugstore lip product on the market. I’m really pleased with my purchase, and can’t wait to see if they come out with more shades. Below you’ll find swatches for the remaining five shades. Enjoy!






Which shade is your favorite?? Sound off Below~!!

Oh, and be sure to watch my complete video review here:

Buy the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints HERE.

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  1. All the colors look really good on you. I love your skin complexion too. I feel like most colors would look good on you!

    Check your email too!

    1. thanks, Marie! You think so?? the orange, i’d pair with a red liner, actually because i feel a little bit crazy wearing it as is…lol..xoxo

    1. Hi Kreyola! The second half of this review includes a detailed comparison to these and the too faced melted liquid lipsticK. I even included a lip swatch. I also compared them in the youtube video linked in this post. Hopefully you have a chance to revisit this post and check it out.

      1. My bad. I did check the post again and just notice the comparison. For some reason I notice the lip tar more the first time around and that you liked the matted version of too faces. I going to check your video out.

  2. The colour pay-off is amazing. I like how pigmented they are and the fact that they show up on your skin. You know sometimes these products aren’t very women of colour friendly. I’m now following you, please check out my blog Lisa 🙂 xx

    1. Yeah, this is like THE BEST cheapo lip product I’ve tried in a good while. Thanks for stopping by and of course I will check out your blog, that’s why I have the comment luv option, so I can always visit the people who comment! xo

  3. Sooo it looks like i will be purchasing Coy and Bombshell!! They look amazing…I cant believe how pigmented they are. I think they are a little pricey for the L.A. Girl brand though, but the price is very reasonable compared to the OCC Lip tars.

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