Black on Black…. DO IT!!

Black on black is ALL the rage these days, and I have to say, I’m feeling it. BIG TIME!!
When I saw this pic of Kimmie, I was like, yessir I need to jack that swag!
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But….and this is a BIG BUT, I’m not ballin’ like Kim K, Aannnnd I’m me, so I need this look to be on a dime and more me. So here’s my take on how someone could pull a similar look together:
Get faux leather leggings here.
Choker necklace here:
Faux suede sandals here:
Flowy sheer black top here:
Studded Purse here:
IMG 7738
I actually wore a similar outfit last night, sorry, no pics! My husband/photog is out for town :(, however I did take a pic of my accessories. I opted for a pop of color and a chain link necklace instead.
Buy these shoes here!
How would you make your black on black pop???

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  1. Shame that your hubby is out of town, I would have loved to see that look on you! && I bet you miss him!

    You made it pop so nicely with the pink! I think I would have kept it all black but played up on the makeup with a bright pink or bold red lip.

  2. to make my black on black pop i would either wear some color shoes/heels, or necklaces and bracelets with some colors. i would do makeup as well but i don’t really know how to apply it to make it pop, can’t blend if my life depends on it. LOL!

  3. wow amazing! I usually don’t wear black on black, or if I do so, I’ll just throw on some bright and big accessories like a huge bracelet or necklace. This post actually made me wanting to try all-black outfit… Thanks!

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