TMART 78 COLOR Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway (OPEN US only)

 If you’re following me on my youtube channel you know that I have changed the way in which I will be doing giveaways going forward. In the past I’ve chosen my giveaways winners at random, and have required only that they follow the blog/subscribe to my youtube channel to register to win. Easy right? The problem with this system, however, is that is caters to people who may only be interested in winning a prize, which is fine, but I don’t get anything out of rewarding someone who watches one video or reads one blog post. 
78 Color Professional Eyeshadow Palette 300x300 1
Ultimately, I’d like to become a big time blogger. I know I’m a baby blogger (only 3 months), but the potential is there! So while giveaways do help to bring attention to my blog/youtube channel, if the attention doesn’t last beyond a single giveaway then it’s all been for naught. Moreover, my true fans and loyal readers are never the ones who win these prizes! How fair is that? Well, in the interest of faireness, going forward I will be hand picking my giveaway winners based on how active they are on this blog, youtube channel, facebook, intstrgram, twitter, you name it. I’m all over the internet, so if you’re following me and commenting on my content you’re a shoe-in.  I’ll be doing giveaways every 4-6 weeks and picking one or two fans each time. This month I’ll be giving away the palette I reviewed in yesterday’s post. Comment on this post so that I know you’re in the running as I’d hate to pick someone who is simply an active fan not someone interested in winning some eye shadow!
For more details watch this video: 
What do you all think of the new giveaway guidelines??


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  1. ` hi it’s Epitome0fPretty from twitter aka PrettyMe Esha from Facebook & aka LADYBEAUF0RT22 from YouTube lol I want to win this palette I dnt own any palettes anymore how do I subscribe to your blog (:

    1. Hi Esha! If you look over to the right on the home page (make sure u let the page load completely) and scroll down, you’ll see three ways to follow the blog. 1. Networked Blogs 2. Join this site via google friend connect 3. Follow this blog with bloglovin. Welcome! xoxo

  2. Hey I just subscribed… I’ve been reading your blog I just forgot to subscribe lol idk. I definitely think the new giveaway rules are fairer for people who are actually following you rather than those who are just looking to get free stuff and move on. You’re doing a great job. Thank you =)

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