Trend Alert: BCBG Generation Affirmation Bracelets

Trend Alert: BCBG Generation Affirmation Bracelets
First, let me preface this blog post by reiterating, once again, that I am a T.R.U.E. fan of all things trendy. If it’s in, I want in. “Classic” doesn’t mean diddly to me! That being said, when I see a trendy, but not Dimepiece friendly item, I immediately go on the hunt to find it as cheaply as I can. Unfortunately, when it comes to these BCBG generation bracelets finding them for anything under the $18 price tag is virtually impossible. My first stop was ebay. No luck.
Next, I made my way over to Amazon and much to my joy/surprise Amazon carries them for $18 (no shipping for amazon prime memebrs) and no tax. Amazon, however only had very few word/color choices.  Wait a minute, I just checked a few moments ago and Amazon is currently carrying some of the discontinued versions of these bracelets which come on a rubber strap (instead of the faux-leather) for $13.99. Woo Hoo!
IMG 5135

Next, I found them on, but again they only seemed to carry the discontinued versions on the rubber strap like the two above. Also, I tried a few different Macys’ and couldn’t seem to find them in store anywhere, even though I do know some stores carry them.  Last, but not least was the BCBG store where they had a gazillion in many many color/word varieties. I wanted them ALL!! The ones on the bigger strap go for $26, however, last month People Style watch magazine subscribers were give a promo code for 20% off any full priced item so I snagged this one at a discount:

IMG 5134
When it comes to wearing these bracelet, I think they look best when stacked with other bracelets or watches like so:
IMG 4785
IMG 5136
IMG 5140
When I went back into my local BCBG generation store just last week, much to my amazement they were almost sold out! I know!  But don’t fret, the sales associate let me in on a little secret. Apparently, BCBG was swarmed with emails from customers who were bummed about the fact that not all words were available in every color strap. For instance, if you want the “Boss” bracelet, you have to buy the one in black or gray band. I purchased the “lovebug” bracelet for my friend, and that word only came in the white band with rose gold lettering. Silly, right? Why wouldn’t they offer every word in every available color? But guess what? NO MORE! Beginning in June, BCBG stores and websites will allow you to put together your own affirmation bracelets. Y.O.U. pick the word and the band! I can’t wait to go and stock up for christmas/birthday gifts for friends and family!
Which color/word would you like to recieve the most? They are so cute, I might be giving one away to a lucky reader! xoxo
P.S. If you’re really strapped for cash and want something similar but more on the wallet-friendly side, check out this cutie being sold at Charlotte Russe for $5:
pCHIC1 11986110dt


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  1. I don’t lie!lol! that’s what the sales girl told me. I can’t wait to make a bracelet with teh word, “DIME.” I’ll be sure to make one for a giveaway! xoxo

  2. Have you heard any more news on being able to customize the bracelets? I really want one of these bracelets but I’m not sure if I should wait for the customizable ones or just buy one before the good ones run out 🙁

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