10 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts The Men In Your Life Will Actually Like

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I love the holidays. I love the cheer, the lights, the pretty, I’m here for all of it, okay? What I’m not here for, however, is the overspending. Even when I have all the money in the world (cuz I’m claiming it), the holidays will never be the occasion wherein I spend frivolously in the name of the spirit. Indeed I think the holiday season is the perfect time to show someone you care about your ability to get them a thoughtful present they’ll actually like that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

10 Inexpensive Holiday Gifts The Men In Your Life Will Actually Like

Men, I’ve found, tend to be harder to shop for. My husband, of course, would argue with me, but it’s true. I feel confident that I could go out and get any woman in my family a lovely gift she’d enjoy. Men, however, are an enigma.  Some like clothes, some cigars, others gadgets or books, and some might even like to buy complete AR-15 rifles, who knows? What I do know, however, is that on this list, you will for sure find at least 2-3 items  (or more) the men in your family would like to receive. In fact, I went ahead and ran this list by my husband, brother, and uncle, and they all found items they’d like. So, without further ado, I give you 10 inexpensive holiday gift ideas for the men in your life.

1. Gillette Limited Edition Gift Pack  $19.99


Ladies, the Gilette limited edition gift pack is a sure thing. For us, shaving is this tedious task that we’d rather forgo all together, but men, I’ve heard are actually into it! Who knew?! This gift pack is available at Walgreens and includes the Fusion ProShield razor. Just look at the sleek design of the razor and stand. I know my husband’s going to like the stand since he’s a neat freak and loves to ensure all of his grooming items have their own special place. Check it out HERE.


A razor set for the holiday is not only practical, but it’s also thoughtful. Most well-groomed men love a clean shave (even the ones who wear beards), so this is a useful gift that won’t break the bank.


Each pack includes:

● Premium matte black razor handle

● Matte black and chrome razor stand

● one 5-bladed Fusion ProShield cartridge.

If you’re shopping for more than one special man this season, don’t miss out on this BOGO50 (Buy one, get another one 50% off) offer on Gillette Limited Edition gift packs from 11/18 to 11/24  at Walgreens. Also, if you’re a last minute shopper like your girl, grab the $2 off Gillette Limited Edition gift packs from 12/16 to 12/22 in your Sunday paper, or on the coupons section of Walgreens.com or the Walgreens app.

2. The Rad Dad Box $25.00 / per month


I’m a sucker for subscription boxes (Cocoqtiue and Boxycharm are my fav), and  I think Dad’s might like to have one just for them, too. The Rad Dad Box is curated for new Dads to help them get acclimated with fatherhood and bond with the baby. Sign up HERE.

3. Touchscreen Texting Italian Leather Gloves $19.99 

It’s cold around these parts, so I think I’m adding these gloves to my shopping cart as well. Inexpensive, well-crafted, and perfect for men who live in colder climates. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to text while shoveling the snow?


4. Hot Sauce Sampler Pack $31

Shaped like a bundle of dynamite, this 7-bottle hot sauce sample set is the perfect gift for you or him. Price is right, too! Getchu one HERE.


5.  The Experience Whiskey Glass $15.95

I don’t know anything about whiskey, but evidently, folks need a special glass to get the taste just right. This here glass seems to be up to the job, so I’m snagging one for my father in law. See more HERE.


6. Bluetooth Beanie – Headphones Hat and Scarf Set $23.99

As I type this out we’re expecting our first snow, and I am certain my husband would love a hat like this while he’s shoveling (cuz you surely won’t catch me out there).  It comes with a scarf, too! Snag one HERE.


7.Deep Kneading Shoulder Back-Neck Massage Pillow  $39.99

My husband actually owns one of these, but I think my Dad might like one, too. It’s a cool gadget for the men or women in your life. Check it out HERE.

Screen Shot 2018 11 15 at 1.40.57 PM

8. Electronics Organizer  $19.99

Perfect for travel, this lightweight electronics organizer can fit a tablet computer, power bank, phone charger, cable, laptop adapter and, more. Check it out HERE.


9.  Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery (4 pack) $58

My husband and I are huge fans of the Tile. We actually got a 4 pack last year for less than the current selling price, but the battery only lasted 8 months before our tiles were useless. The company has now introduced The Tile with replaceable batteries, so we upgraded and couldn’t be happier. While I am the one who habitually loses her wallet and keys, we’ve both found the tile to be an invaluable little gadget in our lives. I currently have one in my wallet and one on my keychain.  Getchuone HERE.


10. Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition $59

While this is the priciest item on the list, if your guy was a kid in the 90s, this little number will bring back some great memories. If only it came with the little gun, so he could Duck Hunt good and proper! Check it out HERE.


That’s all, folks! I hope this little list helps to de-stress your holiday shopping this year. And be sure to shop Walgreens for the BOGO sales and coupons off of the Limited Edition Gilette sets.

Will you be purchasing anything from this list? Share below!

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  1. Great gift ideas! Thank you for sharing!

    I find guys are definitely the hardest to buy for!

    Hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! We went on our annual girls pre-Christmas shopping trip yesterday, finished buying all our Christmas gifts and had some fun together 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I agree, men are so much harder to shop for than women! At least if you don’t know what to get for a woman, you can always pick up a set of lotions or hand creams.

  3. I bought my hubby one of the Tile things a few years ago. He is always looking for his keys or his phone. I figured this would be perfect for him. Then he lost the tile. *Insert eye roll*

  4. These are great ideas, I like the gloves and the massager, it can be hard to buy for men sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How cute are these ideas! Love the “dad box.” Always on the lookout for gifts from my son to my husband–this would be perfect!

  6. This is the gift guide I have been looking for! I always struggle with buying gifts for men, so this will be a big help.

  7. You’re right, men are so hard to shop for! My dad is always the hardest person to figure out (got this year covered though with some skis) and he always tells us all he wants is us. As for my husband–we agreed early on that buying gifts for each other is relatively pointless, but I do enjoy giving people things. That massager though…might end up on MY list this year!

  8. It is so hard to pick the perfect gift for men in my life, so this really helped. That Hot Sauce Sampler looks like it will make it onto my list (even if it’s just so I can have some too 😛 )

  9. Ahh it is so hard to shop for my hubby for Christmas… he will never tell me what he wants haha! These are all such great ideas 🙂

  10. You have given me some great ideas about gifts for men in this holiday. I really love some of the idea especially some that I have not seen before. The message pillow in the car look good to have and very affordable price.

  11. Wait the Nintendo is only $60? That amazing I am a nostalgic so that is cute I would get this for my brother he is a gamer.

  12. I have plenty of birthdays coming up and a lot of brothers. Thank you for this gift guide. It’s so helpful.

  13. OMG Boys are the worst to buy gifts for! I always have to crack my brain when it comes to buying presents for my man. This is great as I’m just about to get him a Xmas present!

  14. These are all really great ideas. I struggle with finding presents for my male relatives and my boyfriend. I actually got the Nintendo for my sister lol

  15. I see some things, my dad would love! It’s definitely hard shopping for men but this list gives me some inspiration

  16. These are really nice inexpensive gifts. My husband would love the sauce best. He loves spicy food and loves to cook

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