11 Cornrow Styles That Will Make You Want To Call Your Braider Right Now

Finding a good braider is hard sometimes. Finding that person with those magic fingers that don’t pull too hard or braid too tight is one of my life missions, especially when it comes to cornrows. With cornrows I want the lines straight, parts crisp, and all the braids to be uniform. And with the weather getting cooler, ladies, I am all about protective styling. So without further ado, here are some cornrow looks to get inspired by.

11 Cornrows Styles

@braided__  Not all cornrows have to be the classsic straight back style we all know and love. Cornrows up into a ponytail?! Yes, please!

Screenshot 20181005 085406 Instagram

@classicbraids310 is a Los Angeles braider who provides both classy and trendy styles without using heat.

Screenshot 20181002 135934 Instagram

braidsbyjassy_ has the straight lines we look for with a big braid, small braid look and I’m not mad at it!

Screenshot 20181002 140018 Instagram

iamorhair_ put together this simple look.

Screenshot 20181002 140054 Instagram

pearlthestylist_    clean, straight back stitch cornrows done perfectly.

Screenshot 20181002 140151 Instagram

magicfingersstudio  YASSS! Zig-zag parts and red hair in this unique cornrow look!

Screenshot 20181002 144447 Instagram

Slayedbymelb Baby hairs and hair jewelry put this cornrow look together

Screenshot 20181002 144934 Instagram

Prettyquanteria_ cute swoop cornrows

Screenshot 20181002 144819 Instagram

D0llaz is shown here with the old faithful cornrows all back but with a twist with the feed-in method.

Screenshot 20181002 145528 Instagram

Jdivastyles is located in Phoenix, AZ but makes trip to Massachusetts every once in a while. Neat line and intricate angles make this swoop cornrow style beautiful.

Screenshot 20181002 183718 Instagram



If you’re feeling up to a challenge, my girl Maria Antoinette’s Cornrow tutorial will show you that it’s not as hard as you may think. Watch here:

Now, let me go call my braider and see if she can fit me in for some time….yesterday!

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