10+ Baby Products Expecting Moms Will Actually Need

Must-Have Baby Products

Being a second-time mom has afforded me some privileges in the “baby knowledge” department. For starters, this time around, I’ve had the luxury of not being completely thrown by the fact that I probably won’t get a full night’s sleep for another year or so. Also, thanks to having nursed my first child for a year and a half, having a baby attached to my breast, round the clock, hasn’t been so jarring. Do you know what else has been pretty cool? Not over-registering” on my baby registry. Yup, I skipped right over the gimmicky products and instead focused on the trusted brands/products that would deliver as advertised. I have what I need and nothing more. .

10+ Baby Products Expecting Moms Will Actually Need

Baby Products You Will Use

Baby Car Seat

I know it’s a no-brainer: you need a car seat, but hear me out. Expensive doesn’t mean better or more safe. In order to be sold here in the USA, all car seat manufacturers must adhere to the same standard guidelines and protocol to ensure your baby is safe. Translation: put that extra money you’d spend on a fancy shmancy car seat, and buy a solid seat, from a solid brand like Graco. Check out the Graco Snugride series, my personal fav HERE. Tried, trusted, and solid.

Best Baby Carseat

2. Graco Click Connect Baby Stroller

Having to transport your baby from a car seat into a stroller is a whole lot of extra work. Save yourself the hassle and grab a Graco Click Connect stroller. Your baby (in their car seat, of course) clicks right into the stroller. Easy as pie, and again, a much better bang for your buck. Check it out HERE.

Best Connect Stroller

3. Baby Carseat Base

If you have more than one car, be sure to grab a car seat bases for your additional vehicles. Again, you’ll just click or snap baby into the base and go. No need to reinstall the base every time the baby needs to go into the other vehicle. It’s also cheaper than buying an additional car seat. Check it out here.

4. Baby Grooming Kit

Best Baby Grooming Kit

Get an all-in-one-kit. This one includes a thermometer, nail clipper, comb, brush, and more. You’ll use it, and it’s nice to have it already in a little pouch for travel. Snag this one HERE.

Baby Bouncy Seat

Get one. They are lightweight so you can move them about as you move about. I sometimes have baby strapped into his bouncer in the bathroom while I shower. Plus, they provide tons of entertainment. The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker – Circus Celebration Bouncer is one of my favs since it grows with your baby. Check it out HERE.

Best Baby Bounce Seat

Tommy Tippee Pacifier

Best Newborn Pacifier

Best Pacifier for Baby

Sometimes, a quiet baby is all a mama needs, and somehow this paci manages to be just what the doctor ordered. I don’t know what it is about this pacifier, but it shuts my baby up like no other. Snag yours HERE.

Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carrier

I’ve tried baby wraps, but the way my patience is set up, I just can’t be bothered figuring out how to wrap those things properly. The Infanto Baby carrier is easy, and snug. I wear it around the house and on the go. Baby loves it, so I’m a fan. Plus, like most items on this list, it’s one of the more affordable infant carriers on the market.

Baby Swing

What You Actually Need on Your Registry

Best Items to Put on Your Registry

With my first child, I had a large cumbersome swing that he outgrew in 4 months. This time around I spent weeks reading reviews to find the best baby swing on the market. The 4moms MamaRoo4 is it. Not only does it actually soothe your baby, but it also comes with an app allowing you to change settings form your phone, and it’s compact! I live in a small apartment and have next to no storage space, so this little gem has been a Godsend.

Baby Bathtub

Best Newborn Bathtub to Buy Best Baby Bathtub to Buy

The Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub is another keeper.  It’s compact enough to fit into my small kitchen sink, but large enough to grow with baby. I think I’ll be able to use this in-sink bathtub for at least a year. With JB, I had to use our infant bathtub IN the bathtub, which felt like a whole lot of extra work, especially on my back. This bathtub is much kinder to baby and mommy. Check it out HERE.

Diaper Pail

The Ubbi Steal Diaper Pail has one all of the awards and rightfully so! I swore off diaper pails after the one I used with JB forced us to buy special trashbags And was terrible at eliminating odor. This right here does away with both of those issues. I use our regular trashbags and it keeps that poopy diaper smell far away.  Get yours HERE.

tips for shared sibling room


Pampers Diapers are legitimately the only diapers you’ll ever need. Spare yourself the hassle of trying to go with some other brand. I promise you’ll regret it. Oh, and don’t bother registering for the newborn size. Your baby will outgrow them long before you get through a single pack. The hospital will supply you with all of the newborn diapers you’ll need. Grab a box or 10 HERE 

Breast Pump

The Medela Pump & Style is hands down the best breast pump on the market. Nuff said. Get yours HERE.

best breast pump to buy

Of course, there are additional items you’ll want to grab, like  baby wipes, paci clips, receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, and bottles, but using the list above is great way to ensure you get products that you’ll use.


Must Have Baby Products

What are some of your tried and true baby products? Shout them out below!

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